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KAILASA’s Nithyanandapedia is an effort to capture all the Hindu knowledge and expressions shared by The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam – to have a one-stop shop combining all His teachings in form of videos, audio, text, books, etc – along with photographs that try and capture all the services He has offered and continues to offer to the world.

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A unique treat for everyone – one of the earliest video recorded programs conducted by HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam – the Ananda Spurana Program conducted as part of the Ashaktha Poshaka Sabha at VV Puram in Bangalore, India in April 2002!


His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam (HDH) left home when He was 17. His first stop was the Ramakrishna Mutt in Mylapore, Chennai. After four years there, He spent 6 months in their Belur Mutt in Kolkata after which He left the mutt and continued His Spiritual pursuit. Following pictures were taken during the time that He was a Brahmachari at the Ramakrishna Mutt.

Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara gave darśan on 1st Jan 1989, birth day of HDH in that year as per the Vedic calendar. The darśan was a powerful ‘Advaita Anubhuti’ – ‘Oneness experience’ initiation He gave The young Avātar sitting on top of the Shiva Linga, after which HDH never missed his physical presence when he stopped appearing to Him.



Unclutching – is a space of complete restful awareness – where you are not clutching on to any thought, emotion, Most of us are prisoners of our past: we repeat the behaviors we are familiar with. This results in the feeling that life is repetitive and boring, that we never experience anything new. When we unclutch®, each moment becomes fresh, exciting and filled with possibility.

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Re-live; not only you will forgive, you will forget them. I don’t even ask you to forgive, don’t forgive. You will simply forget them. You will simply forget them. I tell you, when you are able to forget them they will have their karma back. Understand, when you are able to forget them they will have their karma back. I never forgave anybody, and I never cursed anybody. I just know how to forget. They are having their karma back.

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His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (HDH) is the reviver of KAILASA – the ancient enlightened civilization, the great cosmic borderless Hindu nation. HDH is an Avataar from, and is a Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism. HDH made science of power manifestation, yoga and temple based universities for humanity. SOVEREIGN ORDER OF KAILASA led by HDH and NITHYANANDA ORDER of monks,nuns and Hindu diaspora are working for global peace and to give super conscious breakthrough to humanity. His NITHYANANDA HINDU UNIVERSITY (World’s largest) with extended campuses in 150 countries is collecting, organising, preserving, time capsuling, decoding, spreading and reviving 20 Million source books of Hinduism and the 64 sacred arts & sciences like Ayurveda, music, dance, sculpting, astrology, vastu. HDH is 293rd Guru Maha Sannidanam of Shyamalapeeta Sarvajnapeetham (ancient apex body) and present Emperor of Suryavamsa Surangi Samrajyam. HDH survived the worst persecution of multiple assassination attempts on person and on character by anti-hindu elements.